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International Lost Property Collections

Here at Lost & Found Courier Services Ltd we specialise in the collection and delivery of lost property.  Primarily items that have been left behind at London Heathrow airport as we are located just a few miles away.  We also collect from London City airport, most recently collecting some expensive sunglasses that were left in security and successfully shipped them over to Germany.  Alongside this service we also able help reunite customers who have left their property abroad.  There are many hurdles to navigate when it comes to dealing with international airports, the language being just one.  However over the years we have built up connections with many agents globally who have enabled us to overcome these hurdles and successfully reunite customers with their beloved items.  The process is not always an easy one, with hours spent communicating via emails gathering all the necessary documents required. 

Each country and Airport have their own regulations and requirements for collecting lost property.  This can be a nightmare for the passenger and many have given up trying to arrange collection.  This is where we pride ourselves in offering the complete lost property service.  We go that extra mile and are willing to do all the ground work taking the pressure away from our customers.  We have built up experience over the years of the different issues that can arise when collecting items left abroad.  Sometimes it is straight forward, other times there is a bit more work involved but either way the driving force behind all that we achieve is always to reunite someone with their lost property.

All our enquiries for items left outside of the UK come via our website which is way we prioritise keeping our website up to date and live on Google.  It is important to us that we are available to help with any enquiry whether it be here in the UK or abroad.  Most recently we have been able to reunite customers with property left in Airports such as; Madrid, Munich, Bordeaux, Italy, Portugal and even further afield from Qatar Airport.  With the summer holidays just around the corner, we anticipate more enquiries with airports fully open and families venturing abroad once again, after the last two years of restricted travel due to the pandemic.  Our aim is to keep Lost & Found Courier Services Ltd at the forefront for reuniting passengers with lost items no matter where in the world it may be.  We will always take on that challenge and do the best we can to help.

Here in the Uk we continue to make ourselves known predominately at Heathrow airport but have also enabled customers receive their property from all over the UK.  We work alongside train stations, Hotels and conference centres providing a complete service no matter where your items have been left behind.  Recently we have collected from  Nottingham Train Station, Romford Police Station to Jersey along with many Same-day deliveries that we provide ourselves.  Collecting and delivering directly into London items such as mobile phones and laptops that were urgently needed for business meetings or presentations.  

Whatever the requirements I believe Lost & Found Courier Services are the leading specialists in this field.  We have amazing feedback from our customers ( check out our Google review page) commenting on our professionalism and communication skills.  Customer satisfaction is at the very heart of our services, we will continue to make every effort to reunite people with their lost items whether here in the UK or Globally.

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