Keeping you safe during COVID-19

So many industries have been affected by the global pandemic that has been sweeping throughout the world causing lives to be changed forever. Companies have closed down, some permanently others temporarily while restrictions have been laid out. Here in the UK, we have experienced our third lockdown and hopefully last.

Here at Lost & Found Courier Services we have been able to continue to trade throughout the pandemic, for that we are grateful. Our desire to reunite people with their lost items has not changed one bit, however due to the travel restrictions the number of enquiries we have received have fallen.

Having said that we are determined to offer the best service we can and will continue to go the extra mile for all our customers. Thankfully the general courier side of our services have continued unaffected by the pandemic. In fact, we have become involved in the transportation of many items to do with COVID-19, from vital parts provide breathing apparatus for intensive care wards, PPE items to front line workers and home testing kits delivered throughout the country.

We are not the only company that has had to adapt to the circumstances we are all going through at the moment. Part of that is how we protect ourselves and our customers that we collect or deliver too. Our drivers all wear medical grade masks and disposable gloves. Each van is supplied with hand sanitiser and drivers will sanitise their hands before and after handling any items.

We ensure that a safe social distancing of 2 meters is adhered to in every situation, leaving items in front of the customer allowing them the space to handle the item themselves. Signatures are a vital aspect of any delivery; this is known as ‘Proof of Delivery’. Our policy is to either take the receivers name and print ourselves or invite the recipient to sign using their own pen. We recognise as a courier service we play a vital role in ensuring the safety of all involved in this process and take our responsibilities seriously.

As far as the lost property side of our company is involved, we are receiving enquiries albeit fewer than before the pandemic. Once again, we insure each item is handled using disposable gloves and sanitising before and after collection from the Airports etc.
Moving forward with lockdown restrictions due to be lifted, we are expecting lost property enquires to increase and are looking at many different ways to insure each item is handled correctly and safely. It remains our aim to ensure our customers receive a service that is stress free and one that will not be deterred by the current pandemic.

Here at Lost & Found Courier Services we are determined to adapt and strengthen in every area needed, to ensure we continue to provide a first-class service. Our core values for the company remain ever present throughout these difficult times and that is to be, personable, professional and prompt. We remain resolute to be the leading lost and found courier company based near Heathrow Airport and throughout the UK. Our main purpose and aim remain resolute, to reunite our customers with their most precious possessions that were once lost, that will never change.

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