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Heathrow is a major airport in Europe, with millions of passengers passing through its Terminals yearly. Also, Heathrow Airport is a major hub for transportation of goods flying in and out of the UK, with distribution worldwide.

As you can imagine there are a no shortages of courier companies or airfreight distribution services surrounding the local area. All specialised in their own field of expertise, offering an array of options to accommodate every form of cargo needed. That is until you come to the Lost & Found industry, and it certainly is an industry. In 2018 there were an estimated 26 million items lost in the UK alone. Many of these items would have been car keys or a wallet, phone etc left in the local gym or supermarket and these would have been easily returned to the owner. However, a higher percentage of items would have been lost by travellers using Airports, Train Stations or even staying in a Hotel. 
Here lies a greater challenge, having your items returned safely when you cannot collect in person. Whether you are based in a different part of the country or for that matter in a different country all together. The collection and delivery of a lost item is not as straight forward as it may seem. Especially when it comes down to locating your lost item, the process can be long and arduous. Not so much finding the lost item, rather locating where your item is being held.

By law any organisation that deals with the general public and therefore personal items have an obligation of due care and attention to safely look after your lost property for an allotted period of time. This time ranges from weeks up to months depending on the terms and conditions set out by the individual organisation. In general, most companies will hold your property for 3 months after which time they have the legal right to dispose of any unclaimed items.

That’s great news! On the one hand you know your item, if found should be in safe hands and being looked after correctly. However, trying to track down where this department is, quite often is a stressful and frustrating procedure. Where is you item being held? This can be more of an issue when dealing with airlines as you will find it a challenge to find exactly where the lost property department is or how to contact them.

As lost property is generally a gratuitous service airline in particular will not have an actual office set aside. You will find it varies from airline to airline. Some hold the lost property in their left baggage department. Others in a small office behind the check in counter and some airline companies will have a locker in their main office within the airport.

Items left at train stations tend to be far easy to locate as there tends to be a charge to reclaim your items. This enables the train companies to provide a full-time service and therefore an actual department with contact details.

Of course, with any item left at a Hotel or theme park, conference centre etc it is in their best interest to make this process easily accessible, as their aim is for a returning custom.
This is where I believe Lost & Found Courier Services become your go to option.
We have become a leading courier company in the area of lost property. The reason being we have chosen to specialise in this area and therefore offer a complete and unique service that goes far beyond just collection and delivery. Many courier companies will collect an item of lost property, but for them it is just another item to be delivered. However, they will not go to the extents that has made us a forerunner in this industry.

From the initial enquiry up to the actual delivery of your lost item we deal with every aspect of reuniting you with your property. Once we have received your enquiry, we take over all necessary communication between the airline, hotel or train station. We will draw up all the necessary documents required, such as a letter of consent giving us permission to collect your item on your behalf, to necessary customs paperwork for the shipping of items to an international destination. We then take over personally collecting your item offering a dedicated same-day/next day option, or arranging international shipping.

All this takes up time and manpower, the majority of other courier companies will not invest in what it takes to offer such a bespoke service. Many of our customers are so distraught by the time they come to us, having spent days and hours of phone calls trying to organise the collection of their property, they are so relieved that we can take this stress away from them.

We truly do succeed where others have failed by concentrating primarily on the lost property industry. We are able to not only reunite people with their most treasured possessions, but I believe we are also able to provide a reliable service you can trust in. One that will leave you stress free and most importantly reunite with your lost property.

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