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With all the major airports up and running after the difficult times caused by the global pandemic.  Here at Lost & Found Courier Services Ltd we have been busy reuniting customers with their lost property.  Not just here in the UK, but requests have been flooding in for items that have been lost in other countries as well. 


This is what makes us truly specialists in our field, alongside helping customers who have left items throughout the UK.  We also are able to help collect and ship items that have been left internationally.  So many customers have been reunited with items they thought they would never see again.  Recently we have been able to successfully collect and ship items from: Portugal to the UK, Italy to the United States of America to name just a couple.  We also have ongoing enquiries for Istanbul back to the UK and Qatar onto Scotland.


This is what makes us stand out amongst the rest of the courier companies.  We actually go the extra mile no matter how difficult or how many obstacles, we simply do not believe in giving up at the first challenge.  And there are many challenges to overcome when it comes down to retrieving items that have been left abroad.  The obvious one is we are based in the UK near Heathrow Airport.  As yet we do not have other offices around the globe, but our vision is to expand to operate in as many countries as possible.  Just think how amazing it would be to have a Lost & Found Courier Services office next to every major airport in the World!


Until then we are very much reliant on our agents spread out across the globe and if we do not already have an outlet in a destination, we do our utmost to find the most suitable and efficient company to work alongside, always ensuring you receive the best service.  This can take many man hours as we trace down the right agents to work with putting our customers’ needs at the forefront.  It’s one thing to collect an item and ship it.  It is a completely different challenge to collect from an Airport with all the red tape and at times lack of help or genuine support.


But none of these obstacles will deter us from trying to reunite our customers with their lost property.  I will admit it is not always easy but to date I can proudly say there has not been one enquiry that we have not been able to face head on.  My desire has always been to reunite people with their lost property no matter what and that will continue to be the driving force behind the company ethos.


We have seen a significant increase in enquiries here in the UK also.  Mostly from airlines within Heathrow airport.  Our aim is to increase the airlines who currently recommend our services and therefore reach more passengers who find themselves frustrated by the process.  This is all part of the services we offer.  We take over dealing with all the necessary paperwork, packing and shipping ensuring the customers and their lost property are in safe hands.


With the summer rapidly approaching we anticipate a busy time ahead and are determined to adapt and grow.  Our ethos will remain the same, to be personable, professional and prompt.  Offering all our customers a service that will exceed all their expectations and fulfilling our pledge to reunite them with their property no matter what the challenges may be.

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