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What does the average day look like here at Lost & Found Courier Services Ltd? Well, each morning starts off by checking any new emails or enquiries that may have come through overnight. We receive enquiries from all round the globe as we also offer an International service. In the past we have successfully arranged collection and delivery from countries such as Dubai, Milan, Turkey, USA and all over Europe to name just a few.

Communication is such an important part of the service we offer, so we spend a lot of time emailing customers to keep them up to speed with every step of the process. This is so important as it puts their mind at rest, we understand only too well how stressful it can be trying to recover a lost item. For many of our customers it is such a relief to finally hand over all the stress and red tape that can be required in retrieving a lost item.

Another important part of our service is providing all the necessary paperwork that can go into retrieving lost items, especially those that are being held at Lost Property Departments, either in the Airport or being held by the Airlines themselves. We have several Airlines based at London Heathrow who recommend us directly, this makes the whole process much more efficient as we work closely with the Airlines to ensure our customers receive their property as quickly as possible.

With all the necessary paperwork in place, forms electronically signed, shipping arrangements made we are now ready for the most satisfying part of the process. Collecting your lost item!
Whether that is from our local Airport, London Heathrow or from one of the other major Airports, Gatwick, London City, Luton or even Stansted. Our drivers will collect all lost items personally and therefore offering a truly specialised dedicated service. We take the handling of all lost items incredibly seriously as there are so many emotions involved in loosing something of value. It is not always the monetary value that is important, quite often it is the emotional value that item holds.

Once we have personally collected the lost item, we deliver directly to our shipping agents ensuring once again your item receives a dedicated service. All the paperwork including the necessary custom invoices have already been prepared by our office staff. We make sure all items are safely packed using bubble wrap and personally supervise this procedure.

With the item safety packed and sealed the process is not over yet. A quick email to our customer to update them and a reassurance that we will keep an eye on the tracking until they have that item safely in their own hands.

It would be easy at this point to walk away and say job complete. But for us the job is never over until we know that item has been received by our customer, then and only then will we rest assured that we have successfully completed what we set out to achieve.

Aside from our main purpose which is Lost Property, we also offer a same-day/next day general courier service. With nearly two decades of experience in this industry our name has become well known. We have built up a trustworthy reputation amongst other courier companies and so each day will consist of multiple collections and deliveries either locally or Nationwide. Our deliveries can vary from just an envelope to a full pallet, we offer a complete courier service for whatever the need may be and at a competitive price.

As the day draws to an end the office may close down for the night, but there is always someone available to answer that urgent call or reply to that important email. We know many of our customers will need reassurance that they can be reunited with their lost items and our aim is always to put their minds at rest whenever possible.

One thing I am very proud of here at Lost & Found Courier Services is we truly do offer a specialised service going the extra mile to ensure that that which was lost can be found again and most importantly reunited to the owner safely securely and promptly. 

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